Home Automation Installation: Use a Professional or Do it Yourself?

Does this sound familiar? You’ve done hours of searching on the internet to find ways to automate your home or business. You find the perfect smart home thermostat. You install it, download the app, and connect it to your phone. Before long, you decide to control the lights with an app, too. You buy a kit, download another app, and now you can control both systems on your phone.

But hold on—you need to use two apps for each system, and they don’t talk to each other! Not as convenient or automated as you planned, right? Shouldn’t turning off the lights tell the thermostat to stop heating the room? It’s then that you realize the key to creating a truly automated smart home is the foresight of a professional.

Benefits of Professional Home Automation Installation.

Some people enjoy the challenge of renovating or automating their home on their own. However, like renovations, you can be sure to get the best ideas and execution if you use a professional. A home automation professional can certainly install devices so that they work correctly. They can even hide them if you wish, drawing from their past experiences. But the biggest difference is how a professional can tie in multiple systems at once. They can even anticipate future needs and make sure that your home will be prepared for any upgrades.

Smart Home: Home Automation for Birmingham Residents.

What does a professionally installed automated Smart Home really look like? First, your system gets paired with your phone to use your GPS coordinates. It learns your patterns, like when you come home from work. When you’re three miles away, your smart thermostat begins adjusting the temperature to be ideal when you arrive. When you walk up to the door, it unlocks without you touching it and the lights come on inside. When it’s time for bed, you turn off your lights, which tells the security system to come on. Peace of mind without lifting a finger.

A true smart home has a variety of subsystems that interact with one another, becoming one larger ecosystem. With this setup, there’s no going through multiple apps on your phone to make things happen. Each system plays off the other in order to create your preferred environment. It takes the seasons, time of day, and countless other factors into account.

Smart Office: Automation for Birmingham Businesses.

Smart home technology isn’t confined to your home. It works just as well in a business setting. A smart system can make your life more convenient, but it also provides a return on the investment. Many business owners stand to make money from automating their systems. It can cut costs, but also make aspects of the business more productive.

Imagine you have a boardroom on the 30th floor facing east with a TV for presentations. Between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm the boardroom is useless because it get blasted by the sun. Not only does the sunlight wash out the TV, but it increases the temperature by 20 degrees. At that point, pulling down the blinds will not help the situation much.

Professionally installed automation will get rid of this problem for good. A smart system will pinpoint your office’s location and create a workable setting in your boardroom. Motorized shades will open to let heat in early, then close to block the light. Your smart thermostat will make minor adjustments to keep the room comfortable. This is called light harvesting. The system can also be triggered by sensors on smart light switches to manage the brightness of the room. Not only are you managing light, but you are doing it efficiently, which reduces your costs.

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