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At Sphere Audio Video, we push the boundaries of what's possible. Our Special Projects division is dedicated to crafting unique, experience-driven solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with creative vision. We go beyond traditional AV installations, incorporating elements like VR, motion sensors, lighting, audio, video, monitors, and automated controls to create truly immersive and interactive environments.

Accessibility & Wayfinding Solutions for Everyone

Imagine navigating a sprawling hospital campus with ease. Our interactive digital signage, strategically placed throughout the facility, provides real-time directions in clear, concise language. Need help finding the lab or cafeteria? Simply speak to our friendly voice assistant, accessible through kiosks or a smartphone app, and receive step-by-step guidance.

Break down language barriers with real-time translation technology ensures clear communication for visitors and staff who speak different languages. Additionally, for visually impaired or mobility-challenged individuals, we incorporate a sensory experience system. This system utilizes audio descriptions to paint a vivid picture of surroundings, while haptic feedback through canes or wearables provides further directional cues.

Smart Retail

Experience Design

Transform your store into a captivating and interactive space with Sphere Audio Video's Smart Retail Experience. Imagine walking into a store where digital signage seamlessly blends with the physical environment. Eye-catching video walls showcase the latest products and promotions, while interactive kiosks provide customers with instant access to product information, reviews, and comparisons. No more searching for a salesperson – our intelligent system empowers customers to explore at their own pace.

But the experience goes beyond information. Sphere Audio Video leverages AI-powered customer recognition to personalize the shopping journey. As customers browse, the system can identify them and deliver targeted recommendations based on their past purchases and preferences. Imagine receiving a notification on your phone suggesting a complementary item you might be interested in, or seeing personalized product displays tailored to your needs.

Elevate Special Education

Every child deserves an engaging learning experience. Our Special Projects team crafts interactive environments specifically designed for special needs education.

Imagine classrooms transformed! Projection mapping breathes life into walls and floors, creating immersive experiences. Students can explore vibrant underwater worlds or manipulate holographic solar systems – these multi-sensory journeys spark curiosity and cater to diverse learning styles.

But the benefits go beyond engagement. Calming nature scenes projected on ceilings create a sense of security, while interactive games utilizing projection mapping and whiteboards promote cognitive development and motor skills in a fun and rewarding way.

By incorporating these technologies, Sphere AV's Special Projects foster a love of learning and empower special needs children to reach their full potential. It's about unlocking potential and creating inclusive learning environments, one immersive adventure at a time.

Enhance Museums and Visitor Centers:

Imagine a museum where history leaps off the walls. Sphere AV's Special Projects can transform your exhibits into captivating experiences that ignite curiosity and leave a lasting impression.

Holographic dinosaurs can roam the museum floor, their lifelike movements and sounds transporting visitors back in time. For undersea adventures, VR headsets whisk guests to the ocean's depths, revealing the wonders of coral reefs and the majesty of marine life. Interactive displays allow for deeper exploration, while motion-activated lighting systems highlight specific exhibits, guiding visitors on a personalized journey through time. High-quality audio guides narrated by experts provide a wealth of information, further enriching the experience.

But Sphere AV goes beyond captivating exhibits. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and secure environment for both visitors and staff. Our solutions seamlessly integrate security systems, ensuring the safety of priceless artifacts.

These are just a few ideas to get Sphere Audio Video started. When creating a special project, Sphere Audio Video should consider a number of factors to ensure its success.

Client Needs:

Sphere Audio Video should conduct a thorough needs assessment to identify the specific challenges and goals of the client. This might involve interviews with key stakeholders, site visits, and an analysis of the client's current technology infrastructure. By understanding the client's unique requirements, Sphere Audio Video can tailor the special project to deliver a solution that directly addresses their pain points and helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

Technical Feasibility:

It's important to ensure the project leverages cutting-edge technology while remaining within the client's budget and infrastructure capabilities. Sphere Audio Video's team should have a strong understanding of the latest AV integration, AI, and automation technologies, as well as the technical limitations of the client's existing systems. This will allow them to design a project that is both innovative and practical.

User Experience:

A successful special project should prioritize user experience. Sphere Audio Video should focus on creating a seamless and intuitive experience that is easy for employees, customers, or visitors to adopt. This might involve developing user-friendly interfaces, providing adequate training, and ensuring the technology integrates smoothly with the client's existing workflows.

By combining their expertise in AV integration, AI, and automation, Sphere Audio Video can develop innovative projects that create a significant impact for businesses across Birmingham, Huntsville, and Nashville.

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