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Technological Solutions for Commercial Industries

Upgrade your business with Sphere Audio Video's tailored and innovative solutions for commercial industries.

Technology for Spaces/Rooms

Sphere Audio Video offers technology solutions for upgrading your workspaces, including audio-visual equipment, lighting control, and security system integration, to create dynamic work environments.

Business Automation Solutions

Sphere Audio Video provides automation technology for a variety of spaces, including meeting rooms, classrooms, and homes. Their technology can be used to improve communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

Video Solutions

SphereAV offers advanced video solutions for video walls, digital signs, and video conferencing. Their solutions enhance engagement, communication, and collaboration in various settings like retail stores, lobbies, control rooms, events, and public spaces.

Audio and Sound Solutions

SphereAV offers advanced sound technology solutions in two areas: sound masking and acoustical treatments. Our solutions are user-friendly and customizable, and provide clearer conversations, improved concentration, enhanced communication, increased privacy, desired ambiance, better patient experience, and more energy-efficiency.

Lighting Solutions

Sphere AV provides smart lighting solutions for different industries. Their systems use sensors and timers to save energy, offer task lighting, zone control, and light harvesting. The lighting can be controlled by voice, scheduling, and geofencing, and they also offer color options and scene presets. Smart lighting systems can enhance security, ambiance, and convenience for various industries.

Event Production

Sphere Audio Video provides start-to-finish event production services, including media production, live event production, experiential installs, and virtual production. They help with concept development to execution, using high-tech visuals and interactive elements to create a memorable experience.

Reality Design

Sphere Audio Video offers a Reality Design Service that uses AR, VR, and XR technologies to create immersive experiences. AR adds digital elements to the real world, while VR creates a fully immersive environment. XR is an umbrella term for all types of immersive experiences. It can be used in sectors such as education, healthcare, and customer service.

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