Board Room Design

The average conference room contains a variety of technology tools that allow you to host productive meetings. Boardroom Automation allows all of these technologies to work together and be controlled through one device. A typical room automation system uses a touchscreen remote to open and close window shades when appropriate, dim lights, adjust the thermostat, start and end a live feed and give individual employees the ability to quickly share information from their device on the interactive display or standard displays. This system provides a productive environment that can improve efficiency and communication.

Modern technologies continue to make it possible for companies to remain effective and efficient, whether their clients, employees and partners are local, or spread out across the country. Video conferencing tools, interactive displays and large display panels  have made conferences and meetings media-rich environments that allow for more useful information to be exchanged. Boardroom automation systems exist to streamline these technologies, make them easy to control and improve the flow of meetings.

The number one priority for any office manager should be to enhance business efficiency. A key component is ensuring that people are focusing on the task at hand. By automating the technology in your office, you can cut downtime and improve productivity. Employees won’t have to waste time adjusting lights, climate, shades and more to create an ideal working environment. They can pull up all their favorite settings at the press of a button, so they hit the ground running when they arrive in the morning.   

Automated boardrooms are equipped with Automatic switching off of light and air conditioning in empty rooms, changing the brightness of lighting depending on the season and the time of day, disabling of unused equipment – all this helps to improve the energy efficiency of the facility. Configurable modes of energy consumption (network, generator) help maintain you to maximize performance during power outages. Apart from this, the ability to “turn off everything” on command or on a schedule results in the saving of energy and money.

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