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Ultimate Home Automation Guide For Every Inch Of Your Home

June 02, 20216 min read

Wanting to upgrade your home? YOU SHOULD DO IT!! Smart technology and smart home devices are more accessible and more manageable than ever.

The living room, kitchen, and nursery are usually the most automated rooms in a home. But we decided to focus on a few other areas. To help save you time and effort, we created the ultimate home automation guide, including the best smart home gadgets recommendations.

Let’s Start With The Entryway

Smart Lock Security system

Some smart locks resemble traditional deadbolt locks, but they also have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities. Other locks feature touchscreen keypads for a high-tech appearance and the added security of a backup code. These locks programmable to detect smartphones and automatically lock and unlock the door as you leave and return home.

You can also configure your lock to arm your security system once the door locks, for example. You can also manipulate smart lock remotely, allowing you to lock or unlock the door for a neighbor if you’re on the other side of the world or in the comfort of your bed.

Going Next, To The Bathroom

If you are forgetful and tend not to unplug the hairdryer or leaves the flatiron on, smart outlets may be of interest.

All of your home’s conventional lights or appliances can be combined into a modernized automation system using smart outlets. Switch your lights on and off from a distance. Smaller, window-style air conditioners should be controlled at a push of a button. Keep track of how much energy these appliances consume so you can decide if it’s time to switch to a more energy-efficient model.

Now We’re Entering The Hallway

A smart thermostat is a reliable way to save time and money while still reducing your carbon footprint. It’s easy to use, and the motion sensor recognizes when people are nearby, so it can even automate some of the programming by learning your everyday routine.

You can initially set the temperature to meet your comfort needs for the first few weeks after its setup. The smart thermostat learns your preferences and automatically change the temperature based on the trends discovered during the learning process.

Let’s Head Next To The Laundry Room

smart laundry home automation birmingham al

Interior of laundry room with a washing machine on bright yellow wall background.

Smart washers send you a notification on your phone when a load of laundry is finished and remind you to move it to the dryer. They also detect the weight and change the detergent and water levels accordingly.

Smart washers have many more valuable features, such as advanced cycle settings and a fifteen-minute speed-wash mode.

Another nifty feature is the ability to chat with the washer to aid in troubleshooting and diagnosis, potentially saving you money on expensive service calls.

While We’re Here, Let Us Take A Peek In The Basement

Water Leak Sensors (also known as flood or moisture sensors) may help you relax and even prevent a flood from occurring. These sensors can discover persisting water and constantly moist areas that usually go undetected, like inside your walls.

The sensors can detect the presence of water and send a warning to your phone. You can also connect them to other smart gadgets in your house, like your main water shut-off valve, to instantly shut off the water in case of a leak.

Another thing to do is connect the sensor to your smart lights upstairs to flash if there’s a leak. As a result, even if an issue occurs in the middle of the night, you’ll be notified.

Want To See The Backyard?

The most impressive feature of smart technology is doing your housework for you, even if you are at home or away. 

Your pets 

Home automation can help your pets just as much as it benefits you. To ensure that they are still fed on time, connect a food dispenser. To keep unwanted critters out, set up a routine for locking and unlocking the pet door. Set up a pet camcorder to check their whereabouts: in the home, out in the yard, or destroying your neighbor’s garden by checking your screen.

Surveillance cameras 

Did you hear a raccoon or a burglar? Don’t get out of your bed, instead check the outdoor cameras on your smartphone to detect it. While you are gone, use the interior cameras to keep an eye on the place.

Pool Safety 

Before you go for a late-night swim, adjust the pool lighting. Manage the pH level easily and automatically. Pool motion sensors also keep small children healthy by alerting them if something—or someone—falls into the pool. Less worries for you and more time to relax.

outdoor automation smart technology birmingham alabama

Glass break sensors 

Could you hear if an intruder would smash a downstairs window to enter your home? Glass break alarms in your home will warn you as soon as it occurs, and the police will be notified as well.

Next On The List: The Garage

Your garage door, just like the door lock or flatiron, is another item at home that you don’t want to worry about when you’re away.

You can see whether your garage door is open or closed with a smart garage door opener with Wi-Fi, and you can control it remotely from anywhere with a Wi-Fi link.

You can even set up alerts when the door opens and closes, so you will be notified when family members come and go.

Finally, Let’s See The House From The Exterior


Ascertain that your home is consistently heated to the ideal temperature. Smart thermostats adjust to your wintertime temperature preferences, ensuring that you always have a comfortable temperature and home without having to do anything. To avoid ice and snow accumulation, roof or sidewalk heaters may be mounted.

Doorbell cameras 

This integrative feature will prevent you from getting stuck talking to a salesman before you answer it. If you are waiting for parcel delivery, you will see who’s at the door.

Sprinkler Control 

Water management may help you save money, and it may even be needed if you live in a drought-stricken region. Sprinklers can be managed remotely, from the comfort of your home or from afar, thanks to automated features.

Bottom Line

Imagine yourself coming home from a tiresome workday, and your door automatically opens. The security system turns off, and your lights turn on. The temperature is just perfect, and you ask Alexa to put some music on. When you go to bed, with just a voice command, you can lock the door, turn on the security system, and turn off the lights.

You can now rest unbothered because you realize you’ve designed a smart home system that perfectly suits your needs. To make this dream come true, reach out to us to guide you through creating the perfect smart home.

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