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Control4 Smart Home Security: Peace of Mind & Control from Anywhere

February 17, 20194 min read

3 Unique Features of a Smart Home Security System

Can Your Home Security System Do THIS?

These days, homeowners are more aware of the ways to use smart home devices for their property. From smart thermostats to motorized shades, there are many options to make our lives easier. An added benefit is that they help reduce energy bills. The next step is to see how this technology can keep our homes, and our families, even safer.

Introducing the Control4 Smart Home Security System.

Standard home security systems have been around forever. However, they have been offered by the same companies providing the same alarm systems for years. Typically, you would choose from a starter kit to some sort of monitoring service. These provided some peace of mind and a basic sense of home security. Ask yourself this: “Is that enough to protect your assets and prized possessions?” Don’t you want full control of everything right at your fingertips?

Control4 security certified system

Even if your system was professionally installed, it’s time to reflect on your choices. Think about the value of your home and all of its contents. How much stress would it cause if there were an incident while you were out? Here are three examples of what a security system in your smart home can do. Think about your current system and ask: “Can MY system do that?”

Control4 smart home automation system

#1: Attract REAL attention from the neighborhood when the alarm triggers.

How many times have you heard a car alarm go off? Did you even blink an eye? They are so common that we forget that something may be wrong. In fact, they are seen as more of a nuisance than a call for help. The same can be said for home security alarms that are triggered because someone entered the wrong code by mistake.

Now consider this potential intruder scenario–say he sets off one of your motion sensors or tries to tamper with one of your smart locks. All of the sudden, all of your indoor and outdoor lights begin to flash repeatedly while the alarm sounds. This would draw the attention of the entire block and make him visible to everybody. Do you think he’s going to continue into your living room and rummage through your belongings? I don’t think so.

Also, when the alarm is triggered, you can program every single TV in your home to react by pulling up your security cameras, including your video doorbell camera, and you will know exactly where the intrusion occurred.

#2: Pretend you’re home when you’re away—I mean REALLY pretend!

We’re talking about a “Home Alone” level of convincing here. A smart security system learns your daily routines while you are at home. It records when you draw the shades, turn lights on and off, and how long you watch TV. If you only set your lights to come on at the same time each night, you’re not considering the outcome. It would be a dead giveaway to anyone spying on your neighborhood that you were putting up a front. Instead, set your system to mimic the same behaviors from the previous week. If you’re going to put on an act, make it worthy of being nominated for an award.

#3: Alert you if there’s a water leak or fire.

The purpose of sensors and a smart thermostat is to detect emergencies and alert you. A smart system will notice changes in the temperature or moisture level that can indicate such things as a furnace failure, water leak, or even fire. You will have immediate knowledge of flooding, burning, frozen pipes, or other devastating events. The best part is that you can react early enough to minimize any damage. Talk about peace of mind.

There’s even more to love about the Control4 Smart Home Security System. You get the ability to voice control it from anywhere using your smartphone. From across the street or across the globe, you’re in charge. You can view your house cameras, manage the lights, close the garage door, or lock the doors. The possibilities are endless.

Create Your Smart Home Security System at Sphere AV in Birmingham, AL.

A smart home security system can make any home safer. However, there are countless other ways to automate your home. From automated shades to lights to fans, the sky is the limit. You can fill out this form to see how we can help you enjoy your home and backyard to the fullest! To read more about home automation, check out this blog post as well.

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