Debunk Smart Home Myths: Benefits & Security of Automation

5 Common Misconceptions About Home Automation

May 07, 20216 min read

Debunk Smart Home Myths: Benefits & Security of Automation

Tech hubs are quickly adopting smart technology, making it an essential part of ordinary life. Yet still, most homeowners are hesitant about the new tech trend. Home automation systems can turn your homes into more practical, comfortable, and safe properties using custom electronics. Many are unwilling to upgrade because they still don’t know what home automation is or how it can benefit their households. 

Smart home automation projects could be somewhat intimidating and engaging at the same time. Home automation systems are still viewed as a very high-end option that a few have access to despite increased availability and usability. 

Home Automation Myths

Home automation is for all homeowners and was created to make your routine easier and the houses more comfortable and safer. Smart technology presents a wide range of home automation systems to accommodate any home, budget, device, and requirements.

To help debunk some of the myths out there, we have gathered some misconceptions regarding smart home devices. Read on to check if you master the concept of automation.

All Smart Homes Need to Be Modern

There’s no surprise what influenced this misunderstanding. TV shows and movies tend to embellish advanced technology by exaggerating living spaces with chrome designs. Although the futuristic Jetsons’ home might look pretty neat, it’s not an actual representation of real home automation, or maybe not yet, if we are being optimistic.

Custom electronics systems improve the current aspect and feel of your household. Regardless if you opt for the contemporary, classical, or minimalistic look to your home, the chosen technology can be blended in effortlessly, and usually, you will reduce the number of remotes and devices. Needless to say, if modern is your choice, smart home technology can fit into this style as well.

Automation Is Just For Tech Experts

This is not necessarily accurate. While automation requires the fundamentals of technological understanding, if you already know how to use a smartphone, you will be able to grasp the concept of automation. This misunderstanding originates from the need for understanding how automation systems work. A brief explanation is that they enable you to manage all the features of your home. The smart devices will control the lights, heating, or window shades, without the need for any manual labor and making it user friendly to all ages.

user friendly automation

You can benefit from the expertise of a technology professional to pre-install your home system that will operate in the background, without any effort on your part. For example, when the day begins the window shades will open automatically, the thermostat will switch to maintain the home at the right temperature, and the house audio system will start the playlist of your choosing.

The other thing to appreciate about home automation is that the platform managing your “smart” devices is intended to be user-friendly. You don’t need to learn an entire instruction manual just to switch the channel on your TV or pick a music station. Instead, you tap the designated button from the touchscreen such as TV, Security, or Climate, and the system will present you the options. Your integration firm can even create a few favorite settings such as a custom setup like “Goodbye,” which arranges your home for leaving by turning the lights off, closing the window shades, arming the security system, adjusting the temperature, and so on.

Automation Is not worth The Investment

Since automation technology is so fashionable, it’s obvious to consider it as a “luxury”, and just a way to turn your house into a more remarkable property. And while that’s accurate, there are many other advantages to including custom electronics in your household.

For instance, smart technology will help you save some money on your monthly energy bill and encourage sustainability. The thermostat, HVAC, lights, and motorized shades are set up to leverage natural light and keep your home cool during summertime and warm during the wintertime while using energy at a minimum.


Those same smart devices can work together to maintain your family’s safety. Your provider can combine surveillance cameras, landscape lighting, and smart door locks to set up an automated system that watches over your property and even responds to protect your home. If any problem is detected, you will get real-time alerts on your smartphone. On a plus side, all the lights can be turned on to guarantee maximum brightness for the surveillance camera footage.

These are just a few examples of the many functionalities home automation can bring. The most impressive applications of home automation are the ones that are customized to match your lifestyle and rhythm from interior design to media control and many more.

Smart Technology Invades Privacy

The majority have the misunderstanding about smart home technology is that it invades your private space but this is not true.

Some feel that smart home devices are intrusive, spying on the homeowners and compromising privacy. Also, smart security systems that come with security cameras and motion sensors could make the family members a bit uncomfortable, almost with a feeling of being watched.

These smart devices do not record every movement and sound like many wishes to believe. Most of the speakers and cameras from smart homes are designed to function based on distinct actions like voice instruction or motion detection.

When installing such smart security systems, you should discuss with professionals to make sure that the system setup is according to the government rules and regulations.

home automation security privacy

Smart Technology Can Be Hacked

Smart home technology operates primarily through an Internet connection. Consequently, there are some concerns about hacking and breaching security. Most potential buyers are concerned about their smart door locks or surveillance cameras getting hacked by unwanted visitors or guests.

Although the concern isn’t entirely wrong, it is crucial to realize that these automated security systems are planned with maximum attention to the security and privacy of the users. Solid cryptic codes and advanced technologies are installed when creating these devices. All measures were taken to guarantee that these systems are unhackable.

Bottom Line

Smart home automation is an ever-evolving trend and a lot of homeowners are embracing this innovative concept and system. 

The comfort and safety that smart home systems provide to our hectic lifestyles are undeniable. The misconception and uncertainty surrounding smart homes won’t last for long and are here to stay.

We certainly hope that these examples provide you with a better understanding of how a smart home system can improve your home. If you want to find out more about home automation and see smart technology in action, give us a call today. We are more than happy to implement the right smart system for your home.

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