Room For Entertainment

Media Room Design

A media room is an immersive section of your home that is welcoming for a wide variety of social interactions. 

Talk, Eat, Play, and Enjoy the Entertainment

Media rooms are a multi-purpose room in your home that is often used for watching TV, listening to music, playing games, and entertaining guests. They can easily transform from a home theater to a game room or a listening room. Imagine enjoying some craft cocktails with friends one moment and then revealing a hidden TV to watch a movie or sporting event the next.

How is a media room different from a home theater?

A home theater is a dedicated space for watching the big screen in comfort and style. Often you will have tiered seating and a movie-theater style screen along with comfy recliners (and maybe even a popcorn machine).

A media room is meant to be a more versatile room for entertainment. These spaces may have comfy couches with a built-in home entertainment system. They may use distributed audio for entertaining guests with music. Games, a pool table, and even a bar can make this space the perfect spot in your home for spending quality time with family and friends.

A Plethora of Ideas

Be Social in the Comfort of Your Home

By combining smart home and automation technologies with comfort, we can create environments that bring you the opportunity to deepen relationships with family and reconnect with friends. Using customized technology in your media room, we can help you create the ultimate experience.

fun with the whole family

Play Time

Enjoy family time with games on a surround sound system that will take your experience to the next level.

media room screen

Shows & Sports

Bring the friends over and enjoy wings with the best viewing experience and sound that feels like you're there.

entertaining friends at home

With Guests

Entertain your guests and enjoy your time together while your favorite tunes play in the background.

media room games

Relax Time

Lounge and binge on Netflix or have a glass of wine while you listen to relaxing music to wind down your day.

The Expertise to Design and Implement

Sphere Audio Video can design and implement every element of your media room. From architectural design and media system selection to complete integration with other systems like lighting controls and automated window treatments. Your perfect media room should incorporate your family’s lifestyle and the technology that provides extra comfort and convenience.

Multiple displays, completely concealed solutions that recess when not in use, or systems that are hidden from view fall within our forte. Your media room will be flexible, comfortable, and attractive with professional design and quality components that are controlled from an intuitive touch screen remote or by voice control.

Interested In A Media Room For Your Home?