Media Room Design

Media rooms are a multi-purpose room in your home that is often used for watching TV, listening to music, playing games, and entertaining guests. They can easily transform from a home theater to a game room or a listening room. Imagine enjoying some craft cocktails with friends one moment and then revealing a hidden TV to watch a movie or sporting event the next.

Media Room Benefits

Natural Social Setting

Easily mistaken as a home theater, media rooms are more diverse and flexible. It provides more opportunity for friends and family. Add surround sound speakers, movable seating, and brighter lights for more one-on-one time.

Family Bonding Space

While the dinner table is a natural place for everyone to gather each day, the media room gives different options in a less stringent setting. Your family can enjoy a movie together or have a game night with music in the background. It's not all "lights out" in a media room, which promotes more communication.

Mixed Activity Space

Although "media" in a home is usually associated with television, there are other ways to make the room unique. Many choose to add game tables, projectors, and speaker systems. Some even add bars and stools to create diverse seating that accommodate everyone's needs.

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