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Boost Efficiency

We Provide Strategy, Innovation and Execution for Commercial Audio Video Needs

Sphere Audio Video empowers businesses to streamline operations and boost efficiency through seamless integration of cutting-edge automation and technology solutions. From smart buildings and AI-powered automation to VR training and cloud-based systems, Sphere AV tailors solutions to each client's unique needs, enabling them to work smarter, not harder. Their expertise in integrating separate technologies ensures a unified and cohesive system, maximizing efficiency and fostering a dynamic work environment.

Beyond Screens and Speakers

As a business, you need more than just audio-visual equipment. You need a strategic partner who can translate your vision into reality, harnessing the power of technology to create immersive experiences that engage, connect, and inspire.

Sphere Audio Video optimizes business operations with strategically designed distributed audio systems. Whether it's background music for fostering a specific atmosphere, clear communication for announcements, or zoned audio for targeted messaging, Sphere AV tailors solutions to enhance customer experience, improve staff productivity, and ensure clear communication throughout the space.

optimizes business operations
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Unveiling the Cutting Edge

Forget about following trends, with Sphere Audio Video, you become the trendsetter. Our passionate team relentlessly explores and integrates the latest technologies, pushing the boundaries to deliver unmatched experiences for your customers. Imagine AI-powered sound systems that seamlessly adapt to any environment, or captivating 3D displays that transport audiences to another world.

We don't just offer technology; we craft solutions that elevate your brand and captivate your customers, leaving a lasting impression and driving business success.

Flawless Execution

Innovation without execution is just an idea. That's why we prioritize meticulous project management, ensuring every step, from design to installation and beyond, is executed flawlessly.

Our team of certified professionals possesses the technical expertise and experience to handle complex projects. We don't just install equipment; we build systems that work flawlessly and consistently deliver on your vision.

Flawless Execution

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Our Featured Technological Solutions

Experience the power of automation and innovative technology solutions that designed to enhance your work-spaces, making them more efficient, secure, and enjoyable.

Discover the power of our dynamic spaces and experience unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

Enhance your meetings, presentations, and education with advanced tech. Build strong networks for seamless communication.

Elevate your visuals with customizable video solutions. Connect seamlessly with cutting-edge conferencing.

Improve the sound quality of your work-spaces with our sound masking solutions and acoustical treatments.

Create your perfect environment with our innovative lighting solutions. Take control of brightness and color temperature.

Enhance your reality and Immerse yourself in virtual worlds and step into the future with our extended reality experiences.

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Best Practices for Home Automation

July 15, 20216 min read

Welcome to the futuristic era of home automation where your entire house can run smoothly while you follow your own routine — and all this with just a few taps. However, if you want to live in a smart home, there are quite a few aspects to keep in mind for your devices to be as efficient and as in sync as you wish.

Why Is Home Automation Important?

“Technology can be your best friend if used properly.” This statement is especially true with home automation as it can be the protector of your house, providing security, more time for the family, and even anticipating your needs.

If it were to outline the actual benefits for these cutting-edge technologies, it would undoubtedly include these:

1. Less money spent on utilities

Smart home devices use less energy overall, therefore, cost less utility-wise. 

2. Inviting Atmosphere

Light, noises, design — there are so many factors that can influence our overall mood at home and even interfere with our productivity at times. Home automation can create a more welcoming setting for your activities at any time of the day by adjusting the light conforming with the hour or just reinforcing a more suitable design for your home.

3. Environment-friendly

Less energy use equals less waste emission. With home automation, you can take care of your home and environment at the same time. In addition, smart technologies can adapt their energy consumption and not waste energy sources, being an environmentally friendly solution.

4. A step into the future

Home, design, and technology trends advance towards a minimalist and seamless experience, where we can do more with less. By becoming more familiar with home automation, you’re one step into the future as all of our devices will be interconnected soon.

Once you’ve discovered the benefits of home automation and already envision your connected home, there are a few details to keep in mind.

 home automation connectivity

Discover Best Practices for Home Automation

A smart home is a delight for any tech-savvy individual and can provide a flawless experience any time of day if you know how to take care of it. We have put together a small glossary of how-to’s that will help you go through your day with just a few taps:

1. Have a Reliable Internet Provider 

Home automation requires a good connection. You don’t want your security camera set in a dead zone and not transfer live feed clearly. Always check with your Internet providers to see your service details, such as bandwidth or internet speed.

💡Friendly tip: Instead of focusing on a plan with the most bandwidth, focus on ones with the highest speed. 

2. Keep in Mind a Purpose-Driven Setting

The major role of home automation is streamlining and redesigning a house to improve its functionality. So however tempted you are to acquire all the smart devices and turn your place into a very active environment with a brain of its own, take a step back and make a list of your daily activities:

  • Do you have many lights?

  • Do you have a garden to take care of?

  • Do you listen to music?

  • Do you wander actively in all the house or keep your activities in mainly one room?

These simple questions will help you visualize your life daily and identify where you actually need improvements. For example, instead of turning your house into a disco club with a variety of lighting options, you might want to start experimenting with just a set of smart light bulbs. Then, discover how to make it more convenient.

3. Switch from Single Task to Multi-Task

If you’re new to home automation, then you should start with single tasks for your devices, which means programming them to execute a distinct function at a specific hour.

However, once you and your new devices get familiar with each other, you can upgrade to multi-tasking to make your life even easier. For example, you can set your home to turn on the lights when you arrive and turn on the music when you enter a specific room of your house. 

4. Be Consistent with Your Vendors

With a market on the rise, you can easily forget how home automation works and embrace all the product diversity out there. But we’re here to keep you grounded and remind you that if you’re not consistent with your vendors, you will have a hard time, and here’s why:

  • For every product bought from a different vendor or manufacturer, you will have a separate app. How many differences can fit into one equation? Well, certainly not these many, as you will soon forget which app is responsible for each product, and your once simple home system network now is a chaotic search of what goes where. 

  • Some companies don’t use the same hardware and software technologies, and therefore there already exists an asynchrony. If you add multiple types of smart technology devices to your home, it will become harder to manage.

  • This last reason reinforces all of the above: The goal for home automation is full-scale connectivity. It is natural for devices to work cohesively when the same company develops them, so it is best to keep in mind practicality over product preferences when choosing them.

5. Consider Smart Light Switches

When entering the world of smart home tech, most people get distracted by the flashy gadgets that make their lives more enjoyable and often forget about the most practical and necessary ones.

It is crucial to go to the roots of the problem and consider foundational devices, like a smart light switch. This device enables you to control anything connected to a switch and is the way to go if you need long-term solutions. 

6. Make Your Automation Experience Easier to Remember

In the setting-up process, you may encounter default names for each of your devices, or you may observe that some of these lack any names in your management app. Even if you can design your app experience as you wish, you might want to consider keeping it simple. 

Your navigation will be less confusing by giving your devices and rooms easy names and connecting with a voice assistant like Alexas or  Siri. In addition, keeping it simple and standardizing your process could save you some more time. 

🖊️ Did you consider naming your living room — The Options Chamber? Well, stick to The Living Room; you’ll thank us later.

Final Home Automation Tips & Tricks

What is the future of home automation? Well, no matter how smart, technology still needs the right resources to function correctly. If you want to create the best experience for your connected home, keep in mind technology devices’ basic needs: connection, battery, and commands. You can plan for your interconnected reality with simpler steps.

We can lead the way to home automation done right. Contact us!

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