Increase Productivity

Business Automation

An innovative business makes your business more efficient, creating solutions that set it apart and put you a step above all the rest.

When running a successful, growing business, you have enough to worry about without letting the technology of day-to-day business operations distract you. Gain a competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies.

The number one priority for any office manager should be to enhance business efficiency. A key component is ensuring that people are focusing on the task at hand. By automating the technology in your office or commercial space, you can cut downtime and improve productivity. Employees won’t have to waste time adjusting lights, climate, shades and more to create an ideal working environment. They can pull up all their favorite settings at the press of a button, so they hit the ground running when they arrive in the morning.   

Integrated Building Control

Leverage a unified technology system to streamline operations

  • Seamlessly control lights, security, shades, and AV
  • Facilitate opening and closing tasks with pre-saved settings
  • Remotely unlock the doors for coworkers or repairmen
  • Occupancy sensors turn off lights and AV in unoccupied rooms
Integrated Building Controls
Integrated Room Control

Integrated Room Control

Refined Control Transforms Your Company's Most Important Rooms

  • Operate all the technology from the device of your choice
  • Conference room design for the ideal meeting environment
  • Prepare and adjust quickly for more efficient use of your space
  • Tailor your networking needs to each room

Lighting Control

Harness The Full Power Of Natural And Artificial Lighting

  • Easily manage lights via keypads, apps, or touchpads
  • Minimize costs through occupancy sensors and timers
  • Adjust circadian lighting according to time, function, and room
  • Make better presentations with control over the ability to see them well
Business Lighting Control

Motorized Window Treatments

Revitalize Your Business With Flawless Control Of Natural Light

  • Adjust the amount of daylight in your space to increase comfort and save energy
  • Transform harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhancing privacy while
  • Prepare and adjust quickly for more efficient use of your space
  • Reduce solar heat gain and provide UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork

Media Control

Control Of All Media Content With The Press Of A Button

  • Instantly change content or adjust volume from a touchscreen, app, or keypad
  • Save staff time and energy with the ability to change all televisions at once
  • Integrate endless source options including computer, cable, and streaming
  • Limit clutter by reducing remotes and locating AV gear in technology closets
Business media control system
conference room automation

Conference Room Automation

Increase Meeting Productivity And Effectiveness

  • Automatic switching off of light and air conditioning in empty rooms
  • Enhance productivity with the use of smart touchscreen whiteboards
  • Changing the brightness of lighting depending on the season and the time of day
  • Disabling of unused equipment

WI-FI Access

Offer Reliable High-Speed Connections For Employees And Clients

  • Use enterprise-grade access points, design, and support
  • Thorough coverage throughout your property for all smart devices
  • Create security measures to prevent breaches
  • Restrict access to outside sites
Business wi-fi

Modern technologies continue to make it possible for companies to remain effective and efficient, whether their clients, employees and partners are local, or spread out across the country. Video conferencing tools, interactive displays and large display panels  have made conferences and meetings media-rich environments that allow for more useful information to be exchanged. Boardroom automation systems exist to streamline these technologies, make them easy to control and improve the flow of meetings.

Improve Business Efficiency and Communication

The average business has a variety of technology tools that allow you to operate effectively. Business Automation allows all of these technologies to work together and be controlled through a single device. This can include a touchscreen remote to open and close window shades when appropriate, dim lights, adjust the thermostat, start and end a live feed and give individual employees the ability to quickly share information from their device on the interactive display or standard displays.

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