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The Future Of Smart Home Design

April 08, 20225 min read

After two years of the pandemic, we can now see the positive effects this tremendous change brought into our lives. Having to stay so much indoors, working remotely, and having to transform our fun activities into things we can do without going out – all these brought us into a deeper, much closer relationship with our homes and, consequently, with ourselves. 

Fortunately, this happened in the technological era, where a house is no longer just the place you live in but has evolved into a smart home. Statistics show that there are approximately 175 million smart homes in the world. And this number is only expected to grow, as home automation systems and smart home devices are becoming more and more accessible. 

Even people who can’t call their house a smart home are actually already using smart home devices. From smart sensors to tools like Alexa and robot vacuums, homes are becoming smart homes as we take advantage of new technology. And having a smart home can also help you have a stylish place with a great interior design aimed at also pleasing your eyes. 

Are you curious about how the future of smart home design might look for you? Let’s explore it together. 

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1. Less Clutter, More Style

There’s probably nothing more displeasing to the eyes than clutter. Clutter can of course take many forms, whether it’s a packed apartment full of furniture and trinkets or things we might leave all over the place, etc. One type of clutter has already started to disappear from people’s houses as they become smart homes: the endless wires and that pile of remote controls. 

The latest trends in interior design show a tendency toward simple, fresh, minimalist home interiors. Having wireless devices all over the house which you can control from one app will make your home look more stylish. It will be much easier to decorate and integrate new pieces of furniture when you don’t have to worry about wires or heavy devices that need to be placed near an electrical outlet.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Devices

2022 seems to also be the year of smart homes in terms of interior design, with gadgets that also serve decorative purposes. We’ll continue to see this trend for many years from now on, as tech designers create smart home devices aimed to integrate seamlessly into your home decor. From being able to select the color of your devices to choosing pieces that are both art pieces and tech tools, the smart home design can be part of many interior design styles. 

Smart home devices with wood textures work really well in the Japan and Scandinavian interior design styles, while sleek and monochrome devices complement the minimalist style. And metallic type devices can fit perfectly in a home with an industrial style. Whatever the home design, you can now be sure you’ll find smart home devices that will look great. 

3. Home Automation Systems – Programming Your Well-Being

Home automation systems can make your home look amazing, while also bringing more comfort and security to your life, enhancing your well-being. In an automated home, you can have full control over all devices from one app on your phone. You never have to experience the anxiety of not knowing if you locked your door or windows. You can check it on your phone and perform the desired command with a touch on the screen.

Imagine coming back from work, and you find your home at the desired temperature, relaxing sounds playing in the background, and dim lights welcoming you to relax. In an automated home, you can have all that set up from your app when you leave your office. Well-being has never been so easier to obtain as it is now with all these available smart tools at our disposal. 

4. Media Room Design

As our relationship with our homes changed in the last two years, so has our relationship with entertainment. Going out to see a movie or enjoying a night out with friends are things we’ll continue to do but as technology evolves we’ll see more and more homes equipped with media rooms and home theaters. 

A media room is a dedicated space in your home for entertainment, where you can play games, have parties and gatherings, watch movies, etc. If you don’t already have a dedicated space for that, you can turn a spare room or your living room into a media room. 

The great part about smart media rooms is that everything is set up in a way that you can reveal a big screen for theater, change the lighting for a better ambiance, and control the music, all from one app. And parties in smart media rooms sound amazing well since the sound can be incorporated into the walls and distributed to your liking. The future of smart home design seems to bring us everything we ever needed.


What we once saw in sci-fi movies has now become reality. Having a smart home is the way of the future, one in which we’ll focus more on our well-being, comfort, and security with smart home devices. With smart home design, you can fully take advantage of the practical benefits of an automated home system but also make your home look aesthetically in tune with the latest interior design trends. 

Is your house ready to become a smart home? Step into the future and book a free no-obligation in-home consultation with us. We’ll find the perfect options for your budget and needs. 

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