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Home Wellness With Smart Home Technology

August 19, 20226 min read

Houses are no longer just spaces we go to rest, eat, and shelter from outside dangers, and they are not just places where we deposit our goods. They have ceased being purely functional in our lives.

Houses have become homes. They aesthetically please us, comfort us mentally, and proactively ease our existence. 

It is smart home technology that has supported this evolution via tools and devices that streamline day-to-day tasks and actions. However, if you want your smart home to be more than a house with advanced functionalities, watch out for the smart home systems that meet your ambitions.

Because, yes, smart home technology that improves the well-being and health of its owners exists. If you’re now asking yourself “What is smart home tech?” after reading this article, you’ll ask “Where can I get started?”

What Is Smart Home Tech?

To clear the air around the question “What is smart home tech?” we will define smart home technology as an umbrella term for all the devices and systems connected to an internet-controlled home hub.

Smart home devices, such as thermostats, locks, and lighting, are advanced in the sense that the owners of the smart home can control them remotely (via an app or voice) and fine-tune them for distinct preferences.

You can set outdoor lights to turn on at a specific hour in the evening and adjust the quality of the background music according to your taste and appropriateness. 

The Health Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Moreover, the benefits of smart home technology are not limited to taste and commodity issues. 

Living conditions critically impact the health and mental well-being of the inhabitants of a space. The quality of the air, the brightness of the lighting systems, and the room temperature have a discreet but ultimately striking effect on the body and mind.

It is the job of smart home systems to neutralize these hidden menaces and turn your house into a haven inside which you can rest and reset.

Let’s have a look at the health benefits of smart home technology.

Mimic Natural Light With Smart Home Devices

The circadian rhythm closely influences energy distribution, hunger cues, digestion, and hormones. And the internal clock correlates to the day-night and light-dark shifts. 

Light is central to human behavior because the body is programmed to feel energized or weary as a result of the quantity and quality of light to which it is exposed. Many thousands of years ago, we coordinated our work schedule and activities with the sunlight; we woke up at dawn and rested at nightfall. 

Back then, it was easier and safer for us to use natural light to conduct our daily activities. Today, we are no longer bound by the light. And however comforting that is, our internal clock needs us to stick to the primal schedule.

For the sake of your health, well-being, and productivity, you try going to bed early and waking up at the first ray of sunshine, but you can’t always convince your body to follow the plan. Why is that?

If you are exposed to blue light late in the evening, waking up to dark rooms which you illuminate with intense day-like light, and then stay indoors, hidden from the sun—if any of that happens to you, your sleep-wake schedule is invariably disorganized.

Smart devices boost the quality of life by synchronizing lighting schemes with the natural circadian progression according to the time of day.

Smart lights assist you early in the morning with a gentle dawn-like light. And to ease you into the night and help you fall asleep, smart lights emit warmer hues.

Smart Home Systems Clean Your Water

Water is a vital element of life. There is no denying the importance of it to survival. 

However, it is easy to overlook the fact that, if ingested regularly, contaminated water can have a dramatic impact on health. From indigestion to kidney stones and even cardiovascular disease, the water we drink should be factored in when planning to improve our well-being.

The water that ends up running from your tap has circulated a long distance from the source to your house, inside of old and rusty pipes that directly befoul the water. So, despite the water being clean at the source, it may become contaminated before touching your cup.

Poorly filtered water may contain numerous bacteria, microplastics, pollutants, and heavy metals, all of which can dearly impact your health. 

You can shut down your instincts and drink that water. You can forever avoid tap water and buy bottles from the store. Or you can make the decision to install a smart home system for filtering your tap water. 

Smart homes care for the health of their inhabitants by employing sharp filters to clean the water running from the taps. 

Well-being resides in the little—and mostly hidden—things that have a slow impact on your mental and physical health. 

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Get Closer to Nature With Smart Home Technology

As we have stated earlier, houses evolved into sacred places where we charge our batteries and find serenity. When interior design combines with smart home devices, nature can symbiotically coexist with us. 

Biophilic design is appealing not only to nature lovers but to every person living in cramped apartments and cities, underexposed to natural light, fresh air, and the greenness of plant life, and overexposed to constant humming from electrical devices and blue light.

Thousands of years of living synchronized with nature do not vanish from our cognitive and physiological makeup. The bond we, as humans, have with natural scenery is almost intrinsic to our disposition.

For the same reasons, we feel soothed around plants and natural sounds. 

Smart home technology skillfully combines nature and tech in order to help your mind and body feel at home in your own space.

Aside from bringing into play smart lighting (which mimics natural light), a biophilic design integrates plants to purify the air and absorb and diffuse random noises. Combine it with smart thermostats that regulate temperature and air quality sensors, and you will find yourself several steps closer to nature.

Home Wellness Is Not a Second Thought

“What is smart home tech?” and “How can it influence home wellness?” you may still ask.

The short answer is this: smart home technology is the integrated system that lifts lighting to the standards of our circadian rhythm, purifies our water, and brings us closer to nature through exposure to plant life, cleaner air, better temperature, and improved house acoustics.

Ask us for more details on how you can bring home wellness into your life in a free, no-obligation in-home consultation.

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