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Home Theater Automation: Effortless Movie Magic at Your Fingertips

October 19, 20183 min read

Your Guide to Creating and Automating Your Dream Home Movie Theater

If you’ve ever thought about creating a dream home movie theater, now is the time. The incredible technology that we have today gives us screens with a picture that leave us speechless. Not only that, but the extra additions available can truly make your home movie theater one of a kind. Now everyone can turn their home theater from average to the experience that they’ve always dreamed of. From basic to extravagant, we’ve created a quick guide for you. Here are ways not only to enhance your viewing, but to automate your home theater for maximum effect.

The Home Movie Theater Essentials.

One of the first steps to building your dream home theater is deciding how you’d like to watch your movies. We’re positive that you’ll be impressed with your options here. Previously, in a home or movie theater, you had to dim the lights in order to see the screen. If you didn’t, you’d have a whitewashed screen that you couldn’t see well. Now we have screens that allow you to see clearly with the lights on. Additionally, we have 4k and 8k laser projectors. Standard HD is 1080 pixels, 4k is double at 2160p, and 8k, coming out this year, is an impressive 4320 pixels. Screen sizes typically range from 100 inches to 160 inches.

Along with a large and incredible picture, there are techniques to further enhance your theater experience with unmatched sound quality. Creating fabric walls in front of the acoustical equipment will  make the audio from your movies sound better than ever.

Of course, you can’t call it a home theater without theater seating and lighting. With custom theater seating, we can install seats with LED lights that also feature motorized reclining for exceptional comfort. We can also place LED lighting around the ceiling, walkway, and tips of the steps, just like at the movie theater.

Now, if you want to really take your home theater a step further, consider adding a starlight ceiling that lights the ceiling up with stars. We can even make it a bit more involved with comets and shooting stars while showing the moon going through its phases.

Automation Ideas for Your Dream Home Theater.

We can program your home theater system and other electronics to do exactly what you want, when you want. For example, when you’re ready to watch a movie, hit play on your remote and relax. Watch the projector come on, the lights dim down, and the LED lights along the steps and walkway light up. If you have windows in the room, we can make your blackout shades go down at the same time.

Home Theater Design and Automation

Let’s say someone rings the doorbell while you’re watching a movie. One button press pauses the movie and changes the screen to the front door so you can see who’s there. If you have a projector with TV screens on either side, why even pause the movie? We can set it up to keep the movie playing and show the front door view on a side screen.

We want to make it so that you push one button, and all of this happens. The possibilities are endless. If there’s something electronic that you’d like to automate within your system, chances are, we can probably control it. 

Let Sphere Home Technologies Build Your Dream Home Movie Theater Today.

Building that fantasy home theater may seem like a lot of work. Well, it is–but not for you. At Sphere Home Technologies, we work with you on your design fist to find out exactly what you want. Even if your project consists of redoing the carpet, woodwork or even repainting the walls, no problem. We manage the entire project for you to ensure it’s precisely the dream home theater you desire. Let us help you build that home theater you’ve been dreaming of by contacting our expert team today!

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