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Effortless Outdoor Entertainment : Automated Lighting, Audio & Home Theater

May 17, 20184 min read

Imagine you and your guests walk in your backyard for a little evening relaxation. With the touch of a button, your favorite music comes on and the lighting sets the tone for the night. For insurance, your outdoor home theater is tuned to the playoffs. There’s always someone who wouldn’t make it over unless he knew the game would be on!

After installing outdoor automation systems for lighting, audio and home theater, you’ll never want to entertain indoors again. Plus, you have the ability to control all of these systems on one app on your smartphone. That makes it almost too easy to impress your guests.

Here are three backyard automated systems that will make you the king, or queen, of outdoor entertainment in Birmingham.

audio system

#1: Outdoor Audio System.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend entertaining in your back yard. If it’s any at all, a solid automated audio system is a must have. At Sphere Home Technologies, we use an SLS (Sonance Landscape Series) system. Many people claim it’s the world’s best sounding outdoor audio system, and for good reason. Any other sound system projects your music to the whole neighborhood. However, our satellite speakers and sub-woofers are strategically placed in order to project the sound inwards. This keeps it within the main listening areas. That’s something not only you, but your neighbors, will appreciate. Plus, other than the sound, you won’t even know they’re there. We always find ways to blend them in or hide them within the landscape.

#2: Smart Outdoor Lighting System.

Outdoor lighting systems are also becoming more popular, especially for those with kids or grandkids. This is because they give you the ability to light the backyard up in any color you desire. You can imagine how excited the kids get when the yard and/or pool lights up in a fun way. Try red, white & blue on the Fourth of July, green & red at Christmas, or your team’s colors on game day. These lights can even be programmed with your other systems. Have them come on when your security cameras detect that someone has arrived to announce them. Or, set them to flash along with your music, which is entertaining all on its own!

The options go much further than they ever could with traditional light bulbs or switches. You can automate your porch lights or flood lights for visibility. Next, add landscape lighting and security lighting to come on automatically after everyone has left. But why stop there? Step it up with hue lights to get the mood perfect for any situation. Philips has a variety of hue lights like hue calla, hue lily, or hue inara. Use your favorite to get the mood perfect for any situation. Or, mix and match to make any combination possible on a whim. It’s easy using voice controls operating from your smart home hub.

#3: Outdoor Home Theater System.

You’ve got the mood set with just the right lighting and the music has everyone feeling great. Next, remove any urges to go inside. Have the game on to allow a quick score update or see who’s winning the Oscars. Our outdoor home theater will have you set for any weather, too. Unlike your average TV, the home theaters we install don’t reflect sunlight. This means you can enjoy the perfect picture at any time of day or night. They are also water and weatherproof so they can sit out in the rain unharmed. The screens even come in sizes that range from 37 to 90 inches. We are sure that you can find the size that best suits your needs.

Turn Your Birmingham, AL, Backyard into an Outdoor Entertaining Oasis!

An audio system, lighting system and home theater can make any backyard an oasis for entertaining. However, there are countless other ways you can automate outdoors. From automated shades to fans to smart pools that keep water at the perfect temperature, the sky is the limit. Give Sphere Home Technologies in Birmingham, AL a call today at 205-777-5626. You can also fill out this form to see how we can help you enjoy your backyard to the fullest!  To read more about home automation, check out this blog post as well.

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