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Video Walls: Boost Your Business with Stunning Displays

October 30, 20182 min read

4 Ways Your Birmingham Business Can Utilize a Video Wall

Video walls for businesses are becoming more popular in Birmingham every day. They allow companies to find unique ways to meet a number of goals. A video wall can be as small as four TVs made into one, or as big as the entire wall. The layout choice depends on what your business needs to use it for.

Video walls are frequently used because they can do what projectors and regular TVs cannot. A projector is only a good choice for areas that have low light. A regular TV screen does not extend far enough to the edges to match up well when stacked on another TV. This limits what you can use it for. Businesses can use video walls in a variety of spaces. Here are some great ways we’ve helped companies successfully use them.

#1: Promoting your business.

Businesses that have a lobby or waiting area for clients or customers have the perfect place to use a video wall. This is the prime time to remind them what makes your company great, and why they should continue doing business with you.

#2: Featuring your products.

We recently installed a video wall in the showroom of a local Birmingham car dealership. They wanted to show off their latest models, and the video wall gave them the perfect place to do so. They rotated out the vehicle images with their logo. This got the customers excited about the new models at the perfect time – while they were shopping.

#3: Telling your story.

Your video wall doesn’t always have to be a promotion tool; it can be an educational one as well. Use it to tell a story about your company or give them an inside look at how it all began.  This creates a sense of closeness with your company and strengthens your brand.

#4: Entertaining your customers.

With a video wall, you can watch multiple games or different shows at the same time. This can be beneficial in a commercial setting, from a restaurant to a doctor’s office. Having an area where people are waiting to be served is the best chance to catch their attention. They will be looking for something to watch and your video can cater to different tastes at the same time.

Large video wall displaying

There are countless ways to make a video wall benefit your business, and the uses above are just the beginning. From promoting to entertaining, it’s up to you on exactly how you can make a video wall work for you. It helps that video walls are just impressive to begin with.

Let Sphere Home Technologies build your Birmingham, AL business a video wall.

For a free consultation or to inquire about professional installation, we are here for you. Give us a call today at 205-777-5626. Also, you can fill out this form to see how we can help you improve your business with a video wall or automated systems.

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