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Based in Birmingham, AL, we design and build custom business and home automation, design innovative technology solutions, and create efficiency and comfort. We offer specialized, cutting-edge technology products and impeccable customer service. 

Our clients enjoy everything from Automation Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Motorized Window Treatments, Hi-Fi & Distributed Audio Systems, Surveillance Systems, Security Systems, and more designed to meet any need.

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504 Cahaba Park Circle, Birmingham, AL 35242



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We can remotely service most client needs making sure that you are up and running whether it is during an important meeting or the big game.

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About Sphere

We Will Provide Convenience and Innovation For Your Business or Home

Upgrading your home or business “smartly” not only offers you peace of mind. Whether you are looking to add time to spend with loved ones, create more efficiencies in your business, or just looking to add a wow factor, our solutions are custom-designed and tailored for you.

Increased Efficiency

In addition to adding security and convenience, the right home or business automation installations will both save you on expenses as well as create more efficiency in your home or office.

Wirelessly Smart

Our systems are built to give you wireless control over your smart home or business automation systems. Our systems are built for flexibility. You can control systems from the integrated panels or on the go from a phone.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Thermostat control learns your schedule and temperature preferences creates energy-efficient settings. Lights and shades switch to evening mode automatically. Lights turn on and off when you enter or leave the room.

Smart Protection

Smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart lights, and even smart smoke alarms make up a variety of ways for you to protect against unwanted intrusion or catastrophic losses.

Our Projects

See Completed Projects

There is no better way to get ideas for your home or business than to take a look at other projects that have been completed. Below are only a few examples. See Projects to get more ideas.

outdoor water features

Water Features

Outdoor Oasis

Home Entertainment

Anywhere In Home

motorized blinds

Motorized Blinds

Comfort In Style

New Construction

Homes and Businesses

Smart Business | Smart Home

Automation Systems & Services Provided

Below you’ll see a few of the ideas we can help design and integrate for your home or business.



Whether it be home or business, control devices from a mobile device anywhere in the world.


Distributed Audio

Imagine music in every room of your home with virtually invisible in-wall or in-ceiling Speakers.


Lighting Control Systems

Systems are sophisticated enough to know your light preferences when you walk into a room.


Security Systems

Program, monitor, and control your security system remotely or by using an in-home dashboard.


Water Control Systems

Unexpectedly high water bills can be a disaster, and the only thing potentially worse is water damage.


Theater Design

As close as you can get to being at the movies, on the court, or in the ballpark without buying a ticket.


Natural Audio Design

Also known as Biophilic or Organic Design takes the love of living things and applies it to structures.


Boardroom Design

Host productive meetings with technologies that work together, controlled through one device.


Media Room Design

Imagine enjoying craft cocktails with friends and revealing a hidden TV to watch a movie or sports.


Service and Maintenance

All Home and Business Automation systems require maintenance over time. From user errors to software updates, the best way to protect your investment is with a service plan.


Our Client Quotes


Birmingham, AL

We have just this minute emerged from a new round of wonderful service from Sphere--and our satisfaction level is soaring. Now is the perfect time to revisit memories of the many, many projects Sphere has made possible for our family in our several home locations. Professionalism leads the way always but there's more--Chris McDaniel and his innovative staff have engaged us in next-step thinking, drawing us forward with technologies that always become a fabulous part of our everyday life. They patiently talk us through possibilities and, once installed, how to easily use them. Just today Sphere instantly supplied an innovative solution to a question we were wrestling with. Sphere's expertise is sky-high and their responsiveness to our needs amazingly fast. In short, we feel expertly advised, expertly served--and most of all, cared for. We trust Sphere--they always make our lives better--and most assuredly will return again and again.

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