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Boost Efficiency

We Provide Strategy, Innovation and Execution for Commercial Audio Video Needs

Sphere Audio Video empowers businesses to streamline operations and boost efficiency through seamless integration of cutting-edge automation and technology solutions. From smart buildings and AI-powered automation to VR training and cloud-based systems, Sphere AV tailors solutions to each client's unique needs, enabling them to work smarter, not harder. Their expertise in integrating separate technologies ensures a unified and cohesive system, maximizing efficiency and fostering a dynamic work environment.

Beyond Screens and Speakers

As a business, you need more than just audio-visual equipment. You need a strategic partner who can translate your vision into reality, harnessing the power of technology to create immersive experiences that engage, connect, and inspire.

Sphere Audio Video optimizes business operations with strategically designed distributed audio systems. Whether it's background music for fostering a specific atmosphere, clear communication for announcements, or zoned audio for targeted messaging, Sphere AV tailors solutions to enhance customer experience, improve staff productivity, and ensure clear communication throughout the space.

optimizes business operations
integrates latest technologies

Unveiling the Cutting Edge

Forget about following trends, with Sphere Audio Video, you become the trendsetter. Our passionate team relentlessly explores and integrates the latest technologies, pushing the boundaries to deliver unmatched experiences for your customers. Imagine AI-powered sound systems that seamlessly adapt to any environment, or captivating 3D displays that transport audiences to another world.

We don't just offer technology; we craft solutions that elevate your brand and captivate your customers, leaving a lasting impression and driving business success.

Flawless Execution

Innovation without execution is just an idea. That's why we prioritize meticulous project management, ensuring every step, from design to installation and beyond, is executed flawlessly.

Our team of certified professionals possesses the technical expertise and experience to handle complex projects. We don't just install equipment; we build systems that work flawlessly and consistently deliver on your vision.

Flawless Execution

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Our Featured Technological Solutions

Experience the power of automation and innovative technology solutions that designed to enhance your work-spaces, making them more efficient, secure, and enjoyable.

Discover the power of our dynamic spaces and experience unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

Enhance your meetings, presentations, and education with advanced tech. Build strong networks for seamless communication.

Elevate your visuals with customizable video solutions. Connect seamlessly with cutting-edge conferencing.

Improve the sound quality of your work-spaces with our sound masking solutions and acoustical treatments.

Create your perfect environment with our innovative lighting solutions. Take control of brightness and color temperature.

Enhance your reality and Immerse yourself in virtual worlds and step into the future with our extended reality experiences.

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How Motorized Blinds and Shades Beneficial to your family and home

February 05, 20214 min read

You might already be familiar with home automation such as Alexa and Google homes controlling your television, media players, or even your lights. You might even have your security systems connected to your smart home devices and controls. What if you can control the natural lighting of your home with motorized smart blind or automatic blind systems?! 

What are motorized smart Blinds?

Motorized blinds go by many names: Automated Blinds, Smart shade, roller shades. 

Whatever they may be called it is as just as it sounds, an automatic blind, shades, or curtain that is programmed to your comfort or controlled remotely. As a subset of light control systems, modernized smart binds like the ones Sphere AV  install are compatible with many home automation systems like Control 4, Alexa, or the smartphone you have. 

It’s the weekend and you are woken up from the bright shining sun when all you wanted to do was rest after a long week from work. Smart shades can be pre-programmed to not open till you are ready to wake up. Imagine how that extra 30 minutes or an hour will feel when you have the uninterrupted feeling of full rest.

How are they operated? 

Most automated blinds are battery-powered. Though it gives a very natural and seamless look, battery-powered is the most recommended option. The downside of it is that the battery will have to be replaced frequently depending on the usage and battery life.

Other options like DC adaptors and having it hard wired is less maintenance and more efficient for future uses compared to solar-powered motorized blinds may be less efficient due to the amount of sunlight received per window may differ.  

Are motorized blinds worth it?

There are pros and cons to everything but motorized blinds definitely is a must have. Here are some pros.


Most automated blinds or motorized blinds do not have cords hanging off of them resulting in a more minimalist look to any window. It is also a safety aspect! Motorized blinds with no cords mean you won’t have to worry about your children or fur-babies hurting themselves by playing with the dangling cords. 


Comfort and Ease

You may have a custom window where closing the curtains or blinds is a huge two man job. With automated curtains, opening and closing them is easy as a click of a button. No more wrestling with those 10ft curtains. 


Let’s say you’re going out of town and like the peace of mind that your home is safe from intruders. You can set up timers for your automated blinds or remotely raise & lower your shades. This will throw off any suspicion that you are not home. Secondly you can also control how much light your plants will receive. 


During the day your windows are more visible to let the sunlight in but when it gets darker your home is fully exposed unless you shut the blinds or close your curtains. Smart blinds or curtains can be preprogrammed to close as the sun goes down. This means you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your home as the smart blinds will close gradually as the sunsets to have natural light skim through and close completely after it is dark outside. 

It’s not just blinds, it’s a lifestyle

Motorized blinds give you the ability to control the natural lighting coming into your home. This can mean cutting down on harsh UV rays that do enter your home from the windows and protecting your delicate furniture from sun damage. 

Increase Sleep and Rest

According to the sleep foundation: “Light is the most important external factor affecting readiness for sleep. Before the advent of electricity, humans woke and slept in sync with the rising and setting of the sun, but now lights in our homes, electronics, and light pollution outside have made the relationship between light and sleep much more complex.”

With smart blinds you are in control of the natural light. Having a complete dark room promotes a healthy internal clock and allowing your body to get optimal rest.

However, with everything positive, there’s also a negative. 

Smart Blinds are typically more on the “high-end” side compared to many other home automation or smart technologies due to the functionalities it provides however there are many DIY options you can purchase from Amazon or your neighborhood hardware stores at an affordable price.

motorized blinds install benefit

With any smart technology doing it yourself means you may be missing out on the opportunity to fully utilize the smart blind’s full functionality and benefit……or incorrect installation. 

If you already have light control systems or smart home automation systems installed in your home, consult with your contractors or us at Sphere AV to find out the best motorized blind options for your home.

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