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The Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed for a Smart Home

February 11, 20225 min read

Home automation technology is taking smart devices to the next level. Recent years have showcased major advancements in this field, from smart home controls to controlling energy costs and upgraded voice commands. But what is there to know when you’re starting your smart home journey?

Smart door locks, smart light bulbs, smart speakers — smart everything!

Welcome to the era of connected devices, where you can upgrade your home experience through almost any seamless connection you can imagine at the moment. We’ve analyzed the history and progress of a smart home, in order to identify the best approach to it.

Let’s take it step by step:

  1. Where to Start with Smart Home Technology?

  2. The Smart Home Devices You Actually Need

  3. Start Your Smart Home Journey with Us

Where to Start with Smart Home Technology

The future may be smart, but there is still a lot to learn about it. The rise of this technology has not automatically included an education on this subject or guidance for people to know where to start.  These connected devices can automatically play music, identify voice commands or integrate with third-party devices, but which ones are most suitable for each household?

Therefore — this is exactly what we’ll do in this chapter.

A smart home is a house that enables a seamless set of actions, based on the number and on the type of connected devices it carries. We’re certain you’ve heard of Google Assistant, Google Home App, Amazon Alexa, or other such devices that are usually famous for enabling a smart experience at home, but there is more to this story.

Sure, your Google Home App can control your Google Nest or smart speakers, but have you thought about cloud storage, smart door locks, the importance of energy costs, or other related features you might unlock with a true smart home experience?

If you want to tap into the greatest potential of a smart home and align with the latest trends, you’ll discover that the essence of these dwellings is beyond building a home with a smart door lock, a Google Nest, or other contemporary devices. The real power lies in creating systems that enable a better lifestyle for you — meaning to create sequences or schemes that complement your day-to-day activities through smart home products.

This leads us to:

The Smart Home Devices You Actually Need

Although they may appear as complicated forms from the future, at the end of the day a smart home is quite simple. And that is how you want to keep it.

By gathering the right smart home devices, you can create a flawless setup. Check out the list of must-haves we have compiled for you: 

Smart Lights

If you’re new to smart home products, you might want to skip Google Nest and Amazon Alexa at the moment and start with proper lighting.

Most of the smart lights can be controlled remotely through  Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features. From their color to their level of brightness or timing, you can set up your preferred method and even enable voice control to be better coordinated.

Did you know that color temperature can influence your mood? Well, good news for these science-based light bulbs.

Also, you can stay in touch with your smart lights from your smartphone, if you want to have more access to them.

Smart Thermostats

With emerging changes in energy costs, investing in these types of smart home products is an important step.

Smart thermostats are actually smarter than you’d think them to be. Our home temperature is not only influenced by external factors like the weather or lightning, as home dynamics play a role as well. This includes factors like having guests, doing work around the house, or even being alone.

These devices detect the level of activity and other household patterns, adjusting the use of cooling and heating systems to your comfort and to the most optimal energy usage.

Smart Speakers

Apart from just the functionality of a smart home and moving to its most appealing feature — comfort and relaxation, we can’t skip this chapter in smart home products.

Maybe one of the best properties of a smart speaker is that it has a built-in voice assistant that can support many of your daily activities. From syncing with your Apple Music to helping you create lists for errands, the power of voice control is undeniable in this smart technology.

Combining a lot of useful features with voice commands, you can check your cloud storage, control other devices, check your smart doorbell, or complete basic tasks faster. These speakers can guarantee more comfort in your home and assist you better in getting things done.

Smart Everything — Best Smart Home Devices

As we’ve previously mentioned, this is the era of smart everything. If you decide to transform your house and have both better access and control over it, there is a whole universe of smart technology to explore.

When starting with smart home products, it is important to cover the basics (the first ones mentioned in this chapter) and then dig into more devices that can better complement your lifestyle. The list here is quite comprehensive, from video doorbells to dog cameras, depending on your needs.

The key is to visualize the perfect setup for your everyday life, from the time you open your eyes until you go to bed, and then try to recreate it through smart home technology.

Let’s Start Your Smart Home Journey

This small list of devices strives to follow a natural flow for those who want to install their first connected gadgets.  There are different priorities for every household, you just need the perfect smart setup to meet them.

The good news is — SphereAV can help you create your ideal setup from start to finish and ensure all the necessary technology for your seamless experiences. Contact us and let’s start your smart home journey!

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