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Beyond Silence: Why Natural Audio is Essential for a Healthy Environment

September 01, 20202 min read

Natural Audio: Benefits of Biophilic Design

In the immortal words of the legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.” And with the amount of time people spend indoors – be it their offices or in their homes – there is evidence that the absence of décor that time receives can be a bit of a problem. Multiple studies show that a lack of sound or an overabundance of non-natural sounds in a place can lead to increased distraction and stress in those who have to spend their time there. Silence may be golden… but it isn’t the best thing for keeping your workplace healthy and productive, or for making your house feel like a home.

Studies from the EPA have shown that the average adult spends about 87 percent of their waking hours indoors, and another 6 percent commuting. This leaves very little time to enjoy the wonders of nature, which is a problem for a variety of reasons. This distinctive lack of nature in the day-to-day lives of the working world has been show to decrease focus while increasing stress and fatigue, leading to less productive people.

Fortunately, Sphere AV has a solution. Combining our years of experience in audio technology with a knowledge of biophilic design, we can create a healthier and more productive work or home environment, just by adjusting the sonic ambiance.

Ways and Whys of Natural Audio

True to the name, natural design puts an emphasis on using organic materials to improve design. Where and how this applies to sound includes the following:

Organic Noise Regulation in Biophilic Design


Plants do a lot more for a space than looking pleasing. One lesser known effect of plantlife in an indoor environment is that it can help control audio and acoustics. A study from the University of the Basque County shows that placing plants strategically in a room diffuses and deflects sound, without the need for white noise machines.

Nature Sounds for Health and Focus

The market has spoken, and it has made recording and selling the sounds of nature into a multi-million dollar industry. Thousands of studies have shown the physical and mental health benefits of nature sounds as an ambiance for homes and businesses – natural ambiance has been shown to improve moods, increase focus, and promote relaxation at the same time. Regardless if you want a healthy mental focus at home or want to improve the state of your employees, biophilic audio is a perfect solution.

Water sounds as part of Natural Audio

Water is soothing and promotes an overall feeling of peace. The sound of running water is a quintessential part of natural design, and between our expertise in audio and our knowledge of water control systems, Sphere has solutions to incorporate this into your home or business’ biophilic designs.

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