Emerging Trends in Home Automation

Propel your smart home in 2022 with these future-looking trends. The best home automation practices and devices.

As we’re moving onto a more metaverse future (we’re sure you’ve seen the news), where our virtual and physical realities will collide, prepare yourselves for such a transformation indoors as well.

The adoption of smart home technology is on a continuous rise, which encourages the market representatives to develop even more innovative solutions that improve our households. With comfort and connectivity leading the preferences of smart tech adopters, Statista foresees a number of 40.2 million people to choose home automation next year in the US alone.

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However, the home automation future trends follow our society’s development. As these past years have had a more powerful impact on the way we lead our lives, smart home technology is taking many forms as well. 

With a tendency to spend more time at home, more time online, and more time connected to other peers, you’ll see these trends taking the same route.

Future-proof your home with these upcoming smart tech trends:

  1. AI-powered device

From voice or face recognition to computer vision that helps you streamline simple house chores like grocery lists, AI-powered devices are not to be ignored in the house of the future.

↪ AI devices are getting better and better at their jobs, as companies invest more in their technology. One good example is the robotic vacuum cleaner that was invented no less than 30 years ago, but thanks to the advancements of artificial intelligence in computer vision, they can now do the job on their own. Next year, prepare to see such devices that can navigate even more surfaces of your house, as they will have more functions to help them avoid any obstacle.

↪ Smart home security is gaining territory as well, with artificial intelligence presenting more on-point solutions. Smart cameras will be able to identify the faces, voices, and temperatures of people precisely, leaving no room for anonymously accessing your space.

↪  And did we mention the effortless grocery shopping? Making lists with what is missing from your necessities will soon become history, as a smart fridges trend is emerging. Powered by the same computer vision, this type of fridge has the ability to identify what products are missing from it and couple this information with your grocery list.

  1. Voice commands everywhere

Adopting voice commands within your home automation systems is not actually news, as this was one of the first tools to get highly adopted. But one defining aspect in the 2022 home tech trends will be voice commands accompanying any appliance or gadget in your seamless house.

Whether as currently, the most used voice commands are for simple house tasks like — closing your garage door, turning lights on and off, or adjusting room temperature, voice assistants are advancing with more useful features and they’ll be a great company for most of the time spent at home. From talking to your friends on various apps to setting the right music for any activity or most importantly, turning on any electronic device, prepare to sit back and relax. 

  1. Functionality at its best

As smart home devices gain more popularity, and the market is expanding, users start to look for the best functionality. This healthy competition boosts companies towards designing the best performance-driven technology.

Also, the major perk of a smart home is having everything fully integrated. For this to happen seamlessly, there’s a need for high-functioning software, and we will witness enhanced functionality in your home devices in the upcoming year.

  1. Remote work with a twist

With remote work visibly conquering our lives, many smart homeowners are looking to improve their habitat with technology that can sustain this way of working.

From touchless tech to smart gadgets, you can give your remote office a high-tech boost. The desk-working professionals are looking to improve their workspace with more than fast Wi-Fi and streamline their days with more digital solutions.

Therefore, among the 2022 trends to improve working from home, we’ll have the chance to see:

  • noise-canceling windows
  • AI-filters for removing unwanted background from video calls
  • IoT devices for tracking and monitoring
  1. Creative design ideas

Home automation is upgrading to the next level and its adepts are getting more into the aesthetics of high tech as well. Searches of ideas for smart homes now stand next to “design trends”.

The option to customize your gadgets and overall house design is on the verge to become fully possible and you can look forward to the house of your dreams. Manufacturers are actually working on creative design ideas, in order to put your favorite gadgets in all the areas of the house.

Smart accessories for homes are in high demand as well and they’re capable of giving your house a creative spin. 

Technology is transforming our houses into autonomous and seamless devices of their own. With the latest AI and machine learning, all the gadgets and software are only getting smarter at predicting our indoor behavior and providing us with a unified experience.

“But a decade from now, experts say, we’ll move from turning the lights on and off with our voices to total immersion in the Internet of Things (IoT).”


Bottom Line

We’re keeping the fast pace of smart home tech, by always improving our home automation services and providing our clients with the futuristic home of their dreams. If you want to be one step ahead, and future-proof your house with the latest technologies, contact us and we’ll make it happen! 

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